Teapot Cozies

The perfect solution for avid tea drinkers who don't want to keep re-heating their tea. Includes different sizes for 1-3 cup teapots and regular sized teapots.

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Pillow Covers

For the living and bedroom spaces that need an extra pop of color. Leaf prints hand dyed. Fabrics hand chosen and sewn. Both 16 square inch and 14 square inch styles.

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Hand Knit/Crochet Products

Scarves, hats, and gloves to accent your unique fashion style.

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Cherie's Sundries is a United States based small business run by Cherie Schneider. All products are unique and handcrafted by Cherie whether sewn, knit, crochet, or dyed. Her love of fiber arts and creativity drive Cherie to continue experimenting leading to developing new products for her wonderful clients. With her help of her beloved dog, Echo, and cynical cat, Cookie, she works to put a bit more color into this world.

Cherie's products include teapot cozies to keep teapots nice and warm while their users are still sipping away on their first cup. Pillow covers with hand chosen and arranged bright batik fabrics with hand stamped leaf prints created with real leaves Cherie collects on her daily walks with Echo. Hand crochet or knit hats, scarves, and fingerless gloves for the fashion accessory lovers or just people who get cold easily. If one's tea stays warm then one should too. Hanging kitchen towels with an added wrap-around button clasp to keep the darned things from falling off theĀ oven handle every time someone so much as looks in their direction (my daughter's description.) Wall-art, whether fiber or painted, as the perfect addition to any wall that needs fabulous color to make you smile. As well as other quilted products such as table runners and handbags which bring more happiness and ease to your life designed and handcrafted by Cherie.

Please enjoy your visit to Cherie's website!

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