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My vision

To create beautiful, functional products that make your life better. As an avid tea lover and drinker, I specialize in all things related to tea as it has been a common event throughout my life. Whether I am sipping tea at daybreak or enjoying lunch with friends, tea brings enjoyment to my life. Teapot cozies to fingerless gloves to lovely scarves. All things that help to create a wonderful moment in your day because we all deserve something that makes us smile.


My Story

As a very young child, I learned to crochet in the Philippines when it was discovered I was left handed (Gasp! Oh, the horror of it!) It began my love with the fiber arts. As a Air Force BRAT I could carry yarn from base to base around the world but not much more. I attended a high school on the “mainland” and learned to sew from a teacher who was a quilter-she opened up the fiber arts world to me. I began quilting at 19 years old, while at the University of Florida, and I have been a member of the Tree City Quilters since 1998.

While enjoying my second childhood as a middle school science teacher, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which forced me to stop teaching so I turned to my love of fiber arts and all things related to tea into my store, Cherie’s Sundries. 

Throughout my life, if I saw something I liked or needed a particular item I would design and create it. From clothing to teapot cozies to fingerless gloves the common thread has been beautiful, functional, easy to care for products that increase the quality of life.

As a disabled mom to four kids who also produces vegetables, fruits and nuts on my farm; I am all about sustainability and being as green as we can so we take care of our earth. All of my products are designed and created with these principals in mind.

I  use the colors, shapes and scenery I see daily to guide my pencils, paint brushes, yarn, fibers and sewing needles while creating and quilting. If you need something special made let me know-I am a master of design!

Meet the Team

It takes a team to keep things going and I could not do this alone.

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Cherie Schneider


Cherie is a disabled stroke survivor who is the artistic force behind Cherie's Sundries. In addition to being the designer of the products, she is also a mom to 4 kids and a small business farmer (vegetables, fruits and nuts).

Echo, Head of Shipping


Head of Shipping

Echo has been trained, with the help of Pepe Dogs, to assist Cherie in getting up, walking and getting all packages in the mail. In addition, she also watches for sketchy leaves on the farm and ensures the safety of all.

cookie manager


Studio Manager

Cookie came to us after she was found in the middle of a street at the age of 3 weeks. She bonded with Echo and together they work hard to make sure I stay on track and get orders out daily. Cookie is a Black&White Tuxedo Manx cat that we happily failed in fostering.

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